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**Our Services**

    IN: 219-397-0254
    IL: 773-768-0714
    FAX: 219-398-6425

   Hours of Operation:
    M - F (6:30AM - 4PM)

   Email: Sales   or Office

   Location: Click for Map

    Industry Leading Delivery/Shipping:
  • Deliveries typically go out the same day the order is placed
  • Hauling up to approximately 18,000 lbs. per truckload
  • Offering 18 FT. truckbeds
  • We can deliver every item we stock & delivery is most often complimentary
    A Full-Time Carpenter Shop:
  • Specializing in made-to-order cutting as per our client's needs including construction & cutting of the following:
  •      - Custom Grout Boxes/Forms
  •      - Custom Sizing of Hardwood Blocking/Lagging
  •      - Custom Hardwood Ramps to Accompany Crane Matting/Mats
  •      - Maple Rotisserie Spits for Barbequeing (BBQ'ing)
  •      - Paneling, Picnic Tables, Plexiglass, & Plywood
  •      - Shipping Crates (using standard &/or ISPM-15 Heat Treated Lumber)
  •      - Sonotube, Specialty Thresholds, Steel Coil Splicing Tables
  •      - Stakes, Wood Trim & Door Accessories, Oak, & Pine Wedges
  •      - Specialty and Wing Hardwood Pallets
  •      - Truck and Trailer Decking
    A Full-Time Door Shop:
  • Assembling doors, frames, and necessary hardware to ensure your next door project opens and closes smoothly.
  • Our door shop services include:
  •      - Closer Reinforcement Installations
  •      - Deadbolt Preps in Doors and Frames
  •      - Existing Opening Anchor Prep Installation for Masonry Openings
  •      - Light/Window Installation of Various Sizes
    An Experienced Technical Sales Team:
  • Capable of offering recommendations and solutions for varying types of construction applications
  • We can procure materials at a moment's notice
  • Please call us anytime and put our service to the test - Thank you!