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Building the Region since 1906

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Sales Team!



      Calumet Lumber Inc. has been in business since October 1906.  We are in our fourth generation of the family business. While most lumber yards either built homes or serviced homeowners, we serve the needs of heavy industry and the industrial owners, engineers, and contractors of Northwest Indiana and S. Chicago. 


We stock:

  • wood scaffold material 

  • building materials

  • rebar

  • concrete forming accessories

  • concrete repair materials

  • cement grouts

  • epoxy grouts

  • joint sealants



We manufacture:

  • blocking

  • wooden boxes

  • wedges

  • any custom wood item.  

As part of our excellent customer service, we offer training on the installation of grouts and concrete repair products. 


Our delivery is typically complimentary and we try our best to send it the same day the order is placed.  







Reliable and prompt Delivery/Shipping: 

With a small fleet of dedicated truckdrivers, we can deliver every item we stock & delivery is most often complimentary and same day.

A Full-Time Carpenter Shop: 
  • Custom Grout Boxes/Forms  

  • Custom Sizing of Hardwood Blocking/Lagging 

  • Custom Hardwood Ramps to Accompany Crane Matting/Mats 

  • Maple Rotisserie Spits for Barbequeing (BBQ'ingP

  • Paneling

  • Picnic Tables

  • Plexiglass

  • Plywood Shipping Crates (using standard &/or ISPM15 Heat Treated Lumber) 

  • Sonotube

  • Specialty Thresholds

  • Steel Coil Splicing Tables 

  • Made-to-order cutting: Specialty Pallets, Stakes, Wood Trim & Door Accessories, Oak & Pine Wedges 

  • Truck and Trailer Decking 

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A Full-Time Door Shop:

Assembling doors, frames, and necessary hardware to ensure your next door project opens and closes smoothly. 
Our door shop services include: 

  • Closer Reinforcement Installations 

  • Deadbolt Preps in Doors and Frames 

  • Door & Frame Welding 

  • Existing Opening Anchor Prep Installation for Masonry Openings  

  • Flush Bolt Preps and One and Two Piece Astragals for Commercial Steel Door Sets  

  • Lite/Window Installation of Various Sizes ​​

An Experienced Technical Sales Team:

Capable of offering recommendations and solutions for varying types of construction applications. We can procure special order materials at a moment's notice.

Carpenter Sawing

Please call us anytime and put our service to the test

Thank you!  219-397-2345